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You might hear about the Sahara desert as every book contain the name of this desert, but you might know well about this place. People from different parts of the world visit this place as it contain about 40 km ribbons of sand dunes which are not seen anywhere else. This hottest place of the world is still enticing due to its amazing sand dunes which grab the footsteps of the visitors. The western part of the Sahara has its own beauty. The zug Moroccan Sahara lies in the western part which is a place of attraction for tourists from around the globe. Most of the people do not know the name of this place yet they visit it. Here you will came to know everything about the Zug Moroccan Sahara.

Location of the Zug Moroccan Sahara

The Zug is located in the western part of the Sahara which is monitored by the front of Polisario. This place is often labeled as liberated territories. The Zug Moroccan Sahara has a sand sea which looks extremely beautiful when a person watches it with naked eyes.

Know about the Zug Sand dunes

The Zug Moroccan Sahara has different forms of sand dunes. Several places of Zug are not equipped with settlements or roads, so people usually find it difficult to reach this place. However, other areas have beautiful settlements and roads that are accessible to tourists so they can enjoy these sites by traveling through those routes. The camel back offers the best transport, and people really enjoy this ride. Most of the areas of sand dunes are present in Zug areas of the Morocco.

Facts about the Desert

There are several facts hidden in every place of the globe, but some are pretty interesting to read. You will enjoy reading some of the facts about the Sahara region of the world.

Is it hot throughout the year?

Most of the people believe that this desert is hot all the time, but it is not true. During the months of December till February, the temperature at night reaches below the freezing point. On the flip side, the temperature rises up to 50 degrees in the summer season.

Is this desert the largest?

Well, people usually misunderstood this desert as the largest desert in the world. It is not the largest desert instead it is the largest hottest desert of the world. The environment of this region is considered to be the harshest environment for growing plants. This desert is actually the third largest desert in the world after the Antarctic and the Arctic desert.

Are camels native to the desert?

Camels are not native to the desert, but they can be around through the year. People cannot visit this placing without owning a camel, so outsiders usually misinterpret that camels are native to this region.

Is it rain?

People usually believe that people visiting the western part of the Sahara can never enjoy the rain in this region. However, it does rain sometimes which is less than 7 cm per year, but it makes the environment pleasant.