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IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization. It is one of the types of assisted reproductive technology. It is the process in which sperm is helped in the fertilization of the egg and then implanting it into the uterus. This procedure is done through the medical and surgical methods which are quite expensive.But still  IVF Surrogacy Thailand is available for the heterosexual married Thai couples.

Process of IVF:

Initially, the medications of fertility are given to mature the eggs for the fertilization. Once the mature eggs have produced from the ovaries, doctor remove the eggs from the body through the minor surgical procedure. Eggs are then mixed with the sperm cells of the partner or the donor. Eggs and sperms are then stored together where fertilization occurs. Within 3-5 days, fertilized eggs divide and become embryos which is directly inserted into the uterus.

Benefits of IVF:

  1. IVF procedure is for infertile couples. This helps them to have a complete happy family. IVF is used where infertility treatments fails for infertile couple. Due to certain infertility diagnosis, doctors usually recommend their patients to go for IVF rather than wasting money and time on the process that are less likely to work.
  2. Women who have a damaged or blocked fallopian tube have less chances to give a birth to a baby or a men having issues with sperm motility can’t fertilize the egg, enjoy the beneficial treatment of IVF.
  3. Vitro Fertilization is not only confined on the mother of the baby but can also be used by surrogate carrier.
  4. If a single women wanted to be a mother of a child then IVF is the best option.
  5. Couples who are just focused on their career and goals or have a unusual life circumstances that will be affected exactly after the birth of baby have a best option of IVF that gives them overall control by preserving the eggs or embryo for future use. And when couple gets ready to have start a family and want their baby to be born, they may proceed with IVF.
  6. IVF may increases the chance of having a healthy baby which is ensured by a help of new technology known as genetic screening. Genetic makers that are linked to the life-threatening conditions such as down syndrome, tay sachs disease, sickle cell anemia etc are ensured by genetic screening that a infant is free of them.